Thank you, and you and you.

I’m a Colorado native.  I know that spring is not really here to stay.  But that’s ok.  I’m good at pretending.  So today in our final hours of 60 degree weather I moved indoor meetings to tomorrow (snow day) and went outside to till.  And talk to our homeowners about what’s in store for their yards.

At each stop I was greeted with excitement and hope.  And that’s contagious.  So with hope, excitement and gratitude I write my first post of what I am calling Spring.

Three years ago, Sense of Colorado (now Farm Yard) was formed.  We started with yards we asked the owners if we could use.  And we asked our friends to join as shareholders.  Now three years later the offers of land are almost as constant as the inquiries for membership.   For our success, we have three groups of people to thank.

First, our fabulous yard owners.  For your support, your land and your other participation, thank you.  A couple of comments from last year’s yard owners: 

Few things in life meet expectations but being involved with [Farm Yard] has far exceeded our expectations.”  

“Our water consumption went from 13000 with grass to 9000 with the garden.  Just one more reason to love you guys, Wendy”

Second, our shareholders.  It is a high point in my week to greet each of you each week at the distributions and talk about what you cooked, how your week was and what to do with this week’s bounty.  I’m thankful that you showed up each week and didn’t leave me unexpectedly holding your veggies.  And I’m especially thankful for those of you who were so supportive during a very tough period last summer when our tomatoes were late (and some of them hailed out altogether) and our July produce was more limited than expected.  This is truly the Community behind Community Supported Agriculture.  It is your support that keeps us going week after hailstorm after week.  : ) 

Third, our volunteers.  Last year we were incredibly luck to have found Jeanette.  Or rather she found us.  She staffed the Lakewood pickup each week and was unbelievably cheerful even when I forgot to send her the right amount of something.  Between Jeanette and Wyoma, the distributions were always well run.  And I’m sure you all noticed me floundering when they left me alone.  We also had a great helper in Shawn who primarily supported the CSA with his manual labor and his attention to detail in weeding, tilling and spreading compost.  Barb Masoner and Scott Goodman have also been an inspiration and a tremendous help.  These two step in whenever there’s an opportunity and they aren’t even getting free food in return!

I’m sure I’m missing others who helped with little thanks, so thank you to everyone who keeps us going!

Lettuce is growing in the yard.  Kale and chard are growing in the greenhouse.  And peas, beets and carrots are planted in the yard waiting for tomorrow’s promised snow.  Here comes a season full of hope and fresh veggies.  I look forward to seeing you all this summer!


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