First Annual Garden Cruiser Bike Tour!


Come see how and where your food is grown!  

On September 11, 2010 Farm Yard CSA will lead the first annual cruiser bike tour of our gardens.  We’ll stop a couple of times along the way to see gardens and taste food that is growing there.  At the end of the ride, we’ll enjoy a dinner featuring Farm Yard and local food.  

This is an easy ride through the neighborhoods. Starting at 445 S Pearl (our Denver pickup location), the distance from the first garden to the last is approximately 4.6 miles and is through Wash Park and Krisana Park (see map). 

You don’t have to ride a cruiser bike… you can ride whatever bike you have.  Don’t want to bike?  Ask me about volunteering at one of the stops along the route and join us at the end!

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8 Responses to First Annual Garden Cruiser Bike Tour!

  1. Eric Kornacki says:

    That is the coolest poster ever! And a very cool idea Debbie!

    I think I have to be in Ft. Collins that day, but I will really try and make the tour.

  2. Daniel Cupcake says:

    wouldn’t miss it!

  3. Sunny Hackman says:

    RSVP for two: The Hackman’s

    Can’t wait, sounds like a good time!


  4. Barbara Masoner says:

    Debbie: What a great idea. Sorry to say I am teaching a cold framing class that afternoon so I won’t be able to join in the fun.

  5. elizabeth holman says:

    We would love to attend. Please count us in for 2 adults and 1 child! Can’t wait…such a great idea!

  6. Dave Wolenski says:

    Great artwork Debbie! And thanks for the invite. I plan be there for the bike ride and garden tour, but I may need to leave before the dinner. See you then…

  7. Chris Klingelheber says:

    Sarah, Ella, and I are looking forward to it. Thanks for the invite!

  8. Planning on the bike ride and garden tour. Exciting stuff!

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