Putting the C in CSA

There’s a reason C is the first letter in CSA.  Community is what makes it work.  Community is why I sacrifice other activities to spend my spring, summer and part of fall, growing, harvesting and distributing food.  It’s the people who support me in growing local food.  The volunteers who just want to learn where food comes from and the people who come back time after time even after their “obligation” to help is fulfilled.  It’s the member who brings me back from the edge by mentioning how much they love what I’m doing without knowing I’ve had a hard day.

Yes, there’s the unparalleled taste of a vine-ripened tomato and the swiss chard that keeps giving all season long.  There’s the deep satisfaction of creating a tasty meal out of food I just picked up off the ground in my back yard.  And there’s the joy of sharing a new food with someone who thought they didn’t like beets. . . or kale.

The food is wonderful but it’s the people.  Thank you to my community for a wonderful, rewarding season.


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