Compost Project

compostbeforeThis summer we will be collecting trash, uh well, kitchen scraps.  Help us create a rich, low-cost fertilizer for our gardens by combining your yard and kitchen waste with ours.  Or by starting your own compost.

Finished compost.  Yes, it really started out as food, grass and leaves.  No dirt or compost starter was added!  Compost can be quick and high maintenance or slow and easy.  This compost was created using the slow and easy method.

2 Responses to Compost Project

  1. Heidi Leathwood says:

    Would like to help with the compost, and we are hoping to become members this year. I notice from your map that there are gardens near us. Will there be any need for volunteers before the end of May? My son needs community service hours for his school.

    Thank you,
    Heidi Leathwood

  2. admin says:

    Heather- I know I owe you a reply. We have a work day coming up on April 14th. Would your son be available then? We’ll be turning a big yard into a garden so there will be a wide variety of tasks.


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