Potato Time

It’s not every day you get helpers like Boden and Axel but I was lucky enough to have them help me plant purple potatoes yesterday.  It’s always a delight to hear their exclamations when they find a huge worm or see a big sprout on a potato they are planting.  They brought along their new worm farm and we collected a few extra creatures for that as we put potatoes in the ground.  We got them all planted and had fun doing it!  Thanks, Axel, Boden and Mindy!

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great help, great gardens

Another garden planted today, eggplant, jalapenos, kale and more peas.  Thanks Jeanette, Alisha, Sunny and Megan.  Here’s a great picture of Megan with Nathan on her back.

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Farm Yard joins Tom Martino

Farm Yard joined Tom Martino this morning for a quick chat about urban farming.  We will be helping introduce Tom’s young children (and him and his wife, Holly) to where food comes from.

Check it out online, here..  


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Thank you, and you and you.

I’m a Colorado native.  I know that spring is not really here to stay.  But that’s ok.  I’m good at pretending.  So today in our final hours of 60 degree weather I moved indoor meetings to tomorrow (snow day) and went outside to till.  And talk to our homeowners about what’s in store for their yards.

At each stop I was greeted with excitement and hope.  And that’s contagious.  So with hope, excitement and gratitude I write my first post of what I am calling Spring.

Three years ago, Sense of Colorado (now Farm Yard) was formed.  We started with yards we asked the owners if we could use.  And we asked our friends to join as shareholders.  Now three years later the offers of land are almost as constant as the inquiries for membership.   For our success, we have three groups of people to thank.

First, our fabulous yard owners.  For your support, your land and your other participation, thank you.  A couple of comments from last year’s yard owners: 

Few things in life meet expectations but being involved with [Farm Yard] has far exceeded our expectations.”  

“Our water consumption went from 13000 with grass to 9000 with the garden.  Just one more reason to love you guys, Wendy”

Second, our shareholders.  It is a high point in my week to greet each of you each week at the distributions and talk about what you cooked, how your week was and what to do with this week’s bounty.  I’m thankful that you showed up each week and didn’t leave me unexpectedly holding your veggies.  And I’m especially thankful for those of you who were so supportive during a very tough period last summer when our tomatoes were late (and some of them hailed out altogether) and our July produce was more limited than expected.  This is truly the Community behind Community Supported Agriculture.  It is your support that keeps us going week after hailstorm after week.  : ) 

Third, our volunteers.  Last year we were incredibly luck to have found Jeanette.  Or rather she found us.  She staffed the Lakewood pickup each week and was unbelievably cheerful even when I forgot to send her the right amount of something.  Between Jeanette and Wyoma, the distributions were always well run.  And I’m sure you all noticed me floundering when they left me alone.  We also had a great helper in Shawn who primarily supported the CSA with his manual labor and his attention to detail in weeding, tilling and spreading compost.  Barb Masoner and Scott Goodman have also been an inspiration and a tremendous help.  These two step in whenever there’s an opportunity and they aren’t even getting free food in return!

I’m sure I’m missing others who helped with little thanks, so thank you to everyone who keeps us going!

Lettuce is growing in the yard.  Kale and chard are growing in the greenhouse.  And peas, beets and carrots are planted in the yard waiting for tomorrow’s promised snow.  Here comes a season full of hope and fresh veggies.  I look forward to seeing you all this summer!


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It’s Spring!

It’s been raining all day as we embark on another growing season.  The garlic is peeking (4 inches!) out of its winter bed of mulch and lettuces are volunteering everywhere in last year’s bed.  Beets are planted as are our hopes for a fruitful season.

Over the winter Farm Yard has been busily creating  partnerships with like-minded local organizations.  Our partnership with Ela Family Farms allows us to offer fruit this season as well.  And our partnership with Harvest Acres allows you to purchase goat milk shares from them to pick up at the same time as your veggie share.

Good things are happening!  Stay tuned.

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New Name for 2010 Season

It’s official. Sense of Colorado has officially changed its name and branding to Farm Yard CSA. We believe the new name more accurately describes what we are doing – farming yards in the city. With this new name and logo come a few changes in the CSA but mostly it’s the same philosophy under a new brand that describes us better.

Sign up for a membership by March 1 recieve a free t-shirt with our new logo and a fun saying on the back.





Front of T-shirts

Front of T-shirts

 Both t-shirt designs come in Mens (Med & Lg) and Womens (Med & Lg).  T-shirts are made of organic cotton and shrink only slightly if at all.  Additional, sizes will likely be added later in the year to fill requests.  Additional t-shirts are available to members for $10.00 each.  Non-member price, $15.00.
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"What were you thinking?!?!"

Thanks for asking.  Here are a few of the things we were thinking when we turned our yard into a vegetable garden.   We were thinking that we have this yard that doesn’t provide us any joy as grass but as a vegetable garden it provides us with …

…a more interesting yard.
…fresh, healthy veggies for the picking.
…a conversation starter with neighbors, some of whom we’ve lived next to and never even met.

 Along with all that, we were thinking how wasteful it is to water grass in a climate like ours while the drip irrigation we use in our garden is much more efficient and our water usage (and therefore, cost) have actually gone down.  And we were thinking how we’d like to take care of our planet for our children.    We also love the amazingly different taste of a tomato ripened on the vine compared to the ones available in the grocery store. 

And we want to be more connected to  our food… who is growing it… what is (or is not) being sprayed on it … how the people working to grow it are being treated.  All of these values are important to us.  They are probably important to you, too.  But maybe you hadn’t thought of them in the context of growing grass in your yard instead of veggies.  I understand that it’s a little unconventional and some people are taken aback by it when they first see tomatoes growing in our yards.  But if you actually do think about it, it makes a lot of sense.  So thanks for asking what we were thinking.

Would you like to try a tomato?

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Tiny but Tasty

Mmmm… I just finished my first all-CSA supplied dinner inspired by the tiny garlic bulbs and onions I had left from distributions. I’d like to say that I did so out of committment to eating locally grown food but tonight it was laziness…. that resulted in a totally local dinner (except the olive oil). I started by dicing a few of the small garlic cloves we distributed tonight and a couple of the small onions from last week. I sauteed that for a minute in olive oil and then added a diced potato that I mistakenly harvested yesterday. I let that all saute for a minute and after the potato was mostly soft I covered the top of it all with chopped Red Russian Kale. I added just a touch of water and let it all stew for a few minutes…. It was tasty. It feels like summer finally. I’m eating out of the garden. And I’m distributing big bags of fresh food.

Coming soon …. zucchini!

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What is that White Stuff?

This happened to our greens today. These were taken after it melted some. Yikes!

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kids plant potatoes

Today’s work day was a big success and we accomplished all our goals in just 2 hours. Thanks to Sandy, Deb, John, Steve, Ella, Mindy, Boden, Axel, Xane, Jeanette and Wyoma for making quick work of the tasks at hand. While the adults pulled weeds, caged tomatoes and planted seeds, the kids planted potatoes.

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